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Cairns General Info

Cairns Accommodation

Ask the Cairns Holiday Specialists about the best palces to stay in Cairns and Far North Queensland. We know all the individual hotels, resorts and holiday apartments and we will match you to the right location, facilities and price to ensure your Cairns holiday is the best holiday possible. We will also guide you on the tours to the Great Barrier Reef, Kuranda and the Daintree Rainforest. Our website provides guests with the full range of holiday options and personal service to assist in making the right accommodation choice. Our office is located in Cairns so you can be guaranteed we can give you the right advice and the best local rates when you book your holiday accommodation with us. As an extra bonus we also offer our guests great package deals that includes tours.

Cairns Car Hire

Cairns is a small city but it is a busy city so we encourage all of our guests to ensure they pre-book their rental car with us at the same time they make their hotel reservation this way guests can be assured of receiving the make of renta car or family wagon that they would prefer. For convenience we have a website that aggregates all of the major car rental company’s availability and prices along with the pick-up location. You can choose to pick up your rental car at the Cairns international or domestic airport, Cairns city, Cairns northern beaches and Port Douglas. Ask our reservations team for the best rental car option when you book your Cairns accommodation. Vroom Vroom

Cairns Convention Centre

Cairns has a great reputation when it comes to international and domestic conferences and conventions and it’s no wonder when the city has the multi award winning facility the Cairns Convention Centre. The Convention Centre is centrally located in the centre of Cairns city and alongside the Cairns Cruise Liner Terminal where a number of themed dinners and functions are held to break up the conference from business to pleasure. The Convention Centre holds Trade Shows, Symposiums, Exhibitions, Company Annual General Meetings and Conferences. The Cairns Convention Centre can accommodate any number of delegates up to a maximum of 3500 people so Cairns city has to provide a lot of accommodation close by for the delegates and the Cairns Holiday Specialists are very experienced in looking after conference delegates accommodation requirements and have been doing so for quite a number of years.

Cairns History

The history of Cairns follows a similar story just like most other Australian towns or waterfront ports originally being established in 1876 the original inhabitants were the Aboriginal people and the Torres Strait Islanders. Cairns was a gold rush port which attracted people from all over the world to find their fortune. Cairns became a very multicultural town with Cairns becoming home to South Sea Islanders, Malaysians, Japanese, Indonesians, Chinese, Sri Lankans, Phillipinos, Italians, Greeks and other Europeans. As you can imagine conflict began almost immediately between the Aboriginals and the new visitors who came to be residents. As Cairns has gone on and matured it is now recognised as home to two world icons the Great Barrier Reef and the Daintree and Cape Tribulation rainforests another World Heritage listed icon.

Cairns Jellyfish, Marine Stingers and Irukandji

There is a lot of misinformation out there about Marine Stingers, Irukandji and Jelly fish on the Great Barrier Reef so we have had Dr Lisa-Anne Gershwin a Senior Marine Stinger Adviser put down in her own qualified words the real risks, potential and probability of danger when swimming on the Great Barrier Reef from November to May each year and the precautions you should be aware of to lessen your chances of being that one in a million swimmers getting stung. Hopefully this interview will put your fears to rest about jelly fish and also let you know that these jelly creatures are not even fish and they are not all that commonly seen either! So come on and have a read and then feel much better about booking your Cairns and Great Barrier Reef holiday for your family.

Cairns Weather And Climate

The Cairns region has some of the most stable weather patterns thru ought the year with the average tropical temperature sitting at around 25 degrees Celsius. Locals say Cairns has only two seasons in the year and those are the “Dry Season” which runs from May to November and the “Green Season” December to April. Tourists flock to Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef in the Dry Season to escape the southern Australian winter to enjoy some time under a palm tree and snorkelling on the reef. Locals all agree that the absolute best time to visit Cairns is actually in the Green Season purely because of the hot balmy days, no winds and the colourful blooms of the trees and flowers and the fantastic fishing and animal activity at this time of renewal. The Green Season is when Cairns is at its peak of prettiness and has the most perfect of days for the beach and the Great Barrier Reef.

Cairns General Info

Travel Information
Cairns Travel Information

Travel Information

All you need to know when travelling to Cairns in Tropical North Queensland. How to find the best holiday package deals, the best Great Barrier Reef tours, read reviews and talk to us direct we know Cairns better than anyone

Daintree Rainforest
Cairns Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest

Whilst in Cairns and the Tropical North Queensland Region why don't you extend your stay to the Daintree Rainforest. For your convenience we have researched this region and compiled a comprehensive guide for you. There is something for everyone: family holidays, couples romantic escapes, eco friendly stays, luxury in the Daintree Rainforest Resorts.