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Cairns Accommodation Apartments, Resorts, Hotels

How do you know when you have made the right type of holiday accommodation booking when choosing Cairns accommodation for you and your family? Did you check the bedding in the hotel room to see if there were enough beds to accommodate the children or is their enough space in the lounge room of the private let holiday apartment to ensure you have room for that extra rollaway bed?

Did you manage to get your Cairns accommodation at the best possible price and did you check the actual terms and conditions of booking and the cancellation fees?

When booking a holiday there are many things to consider and it is not only the price that matters. You need to ensure your accommodation can easily and comfortably accommodate all of your fellow travellers requirements also.

If you have a rental car where are you going to park it and at what cost?

It is all so easy to book your Cairns accommodation on the internet without any human interaction and it is a great way to do it if you are only travelling with yourself and you already know the region or you are not too fussed on the services or facilities of the hotel.

Just don’t fall into that trap when you are going on holidays with your family and friends as you really need to consider everyone else’s needs too or your Cairns holiday could turn into a mini nightmare

If you are new to Australia as a foreign guest we have several different types of accommodation that are suitable for different types of visitors and each one has various positives and negatives to suit you and your style of travel.

Make sure you book your accommodation in a safe area where you can walk around at night and feel secure.


Cairns Hotels

The word “Hotel” can be used on a very loose basis sometimes so be aware!

On our Cairns Accommodation website we prefer to be guided by the feedback our guests provide on our own “customer review surveys”  to let them be the judge of the hotels star rating. You will see the circles under the “customer rating” on each property page that determine the star rating they think the hotel deserves based on their personal experiences after they had stayed in the hotel as a guest

These customer reviews are genuine as our guests can only write a review if they booked Cairns accommodation with the Cairns Holiday Specialists. Our holiday specialists team send an email to every single guest after they have completed their stay as a “quality assurance check” for not only our hotel services and standards but also to ensure our guests are happy with the advice and services from the Cairns Holiday Specialists 

Cairns hotels can range from three star which offer you the basic services of a reception desk that normally operates until around 10:00 - 11:00 pm (check your hotel details), most have car parking on site if not there will be a parking station nearby for your rental car that you will pay for on a daily basis.

The three star hotel will always have a swimming pool and a lovely tropical garden because hey this is Tropical North Queensland Australia after all!

Then you move up to the four star hotel experience and things are starting to look a bit nicer and a few more facilities like a gymnasium or restaurant may be on offer. The hotel reception hours may be extended and you may even have free car parking and a free buffet breakfast

If you choose a five star hotel then you can expect it all! A concierge at the door to greet you and assistance with luggage, a nice welcoming lobby and attentive hotel service staff are all part of the package that you pay for a five star hotel in Cairns    


Cairns Resorts

Cairns Resorts are designed to cater for several different styles of travellers and they range from the couples or groups looking for a place to relax and chill but that may offer some resort style activity options like a gymnasium, cocktail bar, barbeque area and maybe even a night club.

Other resort style seekers may be families that need some free range area for kids to just run wild and be free to be kids in a safe environment but at the same time a place where the adults can be adults and have a few drinks and even maybe have a kids club or baby-sitting services so they may go out for a night and have some time to be themselves.


Cairns Holiday Apartments

Cairns holiday apartments are a great choice if you plan to stay in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland for longer than say 3 nights or more as they give you to the option to self-cater and have lots of space for preparing meals and privacy with ensuite bathrooms and the like. Cairns private let holiday apartment resorts normally have great swimming pools and nice gardens and they always offer car parking as it is a requirement of the local council for each apartment to have its own car space on the building unit’s title.

Reception hours may be limited dependant on the holiday apartment management company but all of those details are in the listing pages for the accommodation on our website.

If you are booking a Cairns holiday apartment you may just be an independent type of traveller anyways that is not interested in having full hotel like services but just enjoy the space and facilities.


Internet - Wifi in Your Cairns Accommodation

If wifi is a deal breaker on you Cairns accommodation booking requirements then just make sure you check the bandwidth that is available and the hours of availability as it needs to be shared amongst all hotel guests. We personally suggest that the best idea is if you really really need wifi is to travel with your very own dongle, then you can have internet no matter where you go or where you stay and at no matter time of day or night.

There are certainly free wifi options in the city of cairns that are provide by the Cairns City Council here but do you seriously wish to spend your time chasing wifi?   

As you can see there are a lot of considerations when booking a holiday not only in Cairns and we recommend that you talk to the Cairns Holiday Specialists  so that they can give you the best advice and the best prices guaranteed at no extra cost.