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Guests Reviews Or Customers Ratings

When you look on our Cairns accommodation website you will see we have “customer rating” scores that have dots or balls that are shaded beside each hotel, resort and holiday apartment listing.

These customer rating reviews are genuine reviews written by the guests that booked holiday or business accommodation with us here at The Cairns Holiday Specialists.

Our Cairns accommodation reservations team send out a questionnaire one week after our guests return home asking them a series of questions about 1) their satisfaction level of the chosen or recommended accommodation 2) how do they rate the services provided by the Cairns accommodation reservations team 3) if they booked tour packages with their accommodation they then also rate the tours with similar questions

We do these customers reviews for a number of reasons the first one being we need to ensure that the resorts, hotels and holiday apartments we are recommending to our guests suit their requirements and that we get the accommodation for them at the best price. Second one is to ensure our team are providing top level customer service to our clients and delivering over and above our guests expectations. And thirdly we need to ensure our suppliers i.e. the Cairns accommodation providors services and facilities are up to the standard of the guests expectations also   

When we receive these feedback guest review forms they are then automatically forwarded onto the respective Cairns accommodation providors and the tours and attractions operators for them to do as we do above:- Check our quality control. They the accommodation and tour operators can reply to the guest review also

Our accommodation reservations team scan these customer rating forms each week and reply to our guest’s comments and discuss any issues with any of our service providors if necessary

We find this is the best way to ensure all of our visitors and guests that use the holiday booking services of Cairns accommodation are being looked after on a much personalised basis

If you read thru these customer reviews you will see genuine honest feedback about our team being helpful and professional and also many comments like our accommodation rates are the best on the internet. And also they comment about the big discounts our guests receive on tours when booking their accommodation making it a great package holiday deal. See below information on choosing the right Cairns accommodation for you.