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Things To Do & See

Cairns Things To Do & See

A Guide to Tours in Cairns

Cairns is a mecca for holiday makers looking for things to see and do on a day tour or an overnight tour and there are so many choices it can be confusing at times of which tour to choose and on what day to go so we recommend you take a peek here and read about some of the more popular tours to do when visiting Cairns. For the younger adventurer adrenaline tours are the big draw card as they feel they want some frightening action to make them feel alive and for the older more experienced traveller they normally look for a day tour that is pleasant, informative and unique that goes at their speed. Families whether they are older or younger need a day tour that can suit all ages and all needs to ensure the family enjoys their day out adventuring together so sometimes it is best if you speak to a local and get the best advice on the types of tours that will suit your specific requirements and budget.

Atherton Tablelands

Once you have visited the top three icons of Cairns and Tropical North Queensland, (1) The Great Barrier Reef,(2) Daintree and Cape Tribulation and (3) the Kuranda Scenic Rail and Skyrail you then definitely need to visit (4) The Atherton Tablelands or as it is referred to on some occasions the Cairns Highlands. The Atherton Tablelands region is picture postcard perfect with its lush green undulating rolling hills of dairy farms and crop growing farms interspersed with ancient rainforests, savannah land, rivers and waterfalls. The topography is alluring as everywhere you look it’s just so bright, colourful and variant. The country towns that make up the Tablelands are inviting and the locals just love it when tourists drop in for a bit of shopping and a bite to eat in their cafes and pubs. The Atherton Tablelands are a great place to go for a little luxury hideaway in a country scene for a few days or more both in winter to feel the cold nights and sit by a log fire or in the summer to enjoy the cool air and swim in cold waterfalls.

Cairns Dining

Part of the excitement of going on holidays is not having to shop, cook or source three meals a day for yourself or your family so researching the types of restaurants that are on offer near your Cairns accommodation can sometimes become a deal breaker for the culinary sophisticate who loves to dine out when on holidays. As Cairns is a tropical destination al fresco dining is the order of the day and no overly formal or fancy dress is required to dine out in the cities restaurants. We are also extremely fortunate to have the Atherton Tablelands (known as the “fruit bowl of North Queensland “)close by for the hotel and resorts executive chefs to buy fresh farm produce that has not been stored for months or treated with chemicals to keep the food fresh for transportation. The Atherton Tablelands also grow exotic fruits and vegetables that make restaurant meals and menus and adventure for the palate and a colourful treat for the eyes.

Cairns Esplanade

The Cairns Esplanade holds centre court and everyone that comes to the city of Cairns gravitates towards this waterfront location for some leisure or relaxation under the beautiful ancient rain trees or the man-made structures to listen to a band, wander thru the weekend market stalls, partake in some of the free exercise classes, have a picnic and or a barbeque for the weekend. On the Esplanade is the Cairns swimming lagoon which is a 4800 square metre saltwater swimming pool that is open all year round from 6.00am to 9.00pm which attracts hundreds of backpackers from all over the world that congregate and mingle here, play games and sunbake in between all of their day tour action and adventure. For families just coming down to the esplanade is like having a little holiday as there are so many things for children to see and do from morning till night especially at Muddy’s Playground where children can play on water fountains, swing on swings, climb all over the climbing frames, build sand castles and more whilst the parents sit back and relax with a drink in the esplanade café.

Cairns Weddings

Cairns is known as one of Australia’s most desired wedding destinations and it’s no wonder when the weather is always mostly perfect, you have rolling green mountains to the west and the Great Barrier Reef to the east and the beautiful Cairns Beaches to the north of the city of Cairns. Cairns has a laid back easy attitude which is just perfect for when you are planning one of the biggest days of your life so choosing Cairns as your wedding destination may just be the chill pill you needed. The Great Barrier Reef is one of those must do must see icons of the world so all of your destination wedding guests will be tickled pink to be on your invitation list to come to Cairns and spend some time socialising with all of the other wedding guests whilst snorkelling and scuba diving pre or post the wedding day.

Cairns International Tennis Centre

Cairns has its own world class tennis centre located north of the city at 356 Sheridan Street and it is open to club members and the general public all year round for coaching, private and group tennis lessons. The tennis centre also conducts great school holiday programs and they also hold development squads, competitions, tournaments, and elite squads and ladies mornings. The Cairns Tennis Centre is managed by The JBT Academy and they look after the MLC Hot Shots junior program as well as a high energy workout program called Cardio Tennis to keep you fit and supple. There are 12 international standard competition courts along with a pro-shop, a re-stringing service and the tennis club also has a very popular Asian style restaurant called Jadeplus which is located on level 1 overlooking the tennis courts. Sit inside or outside and watch the action on the tennis courts.

Cairns Shopping

Now please who does not like going shopping in a new city or a new town when on holidays? Well I think the answer would be no-one as we all love a bit of retail therapy every now and again even if it is just to pick up a souvenir or a t shirt to go over your swimmers to cover you from the sunshine. Whilst Cairns is not a big city at all it does provide some great little shopping pockets both in and out of the city it all just depends on what type of goods and services you were after. The major shopping centres of Cairns are the Cairns Central in Water Street the biggest and most popular shopping centre in Cairns, then its Stockland Cairns which is south of the city, then the DFO Cairns which is a direct factory outlet for a lot of the major brands. For a bit of fun you can visit the Cairns night markets and pick up some great souvenir for your holiday to take back to family and friends or you can visit the weekend markets to pick up some original hand-made artwork

Daintree and Cape Tribulation

The Daintree and Cape Tribulation region are World Heritage listed world recognised icons of Cairns and Tropical North Queensland because of their uniqueness and age and it is said they are one of the oldest rainforests in the world and they are home to some of the planets most endangered animals and rare flora and fauna which are medicines for us human beings and a food source for the rainforests animals and insects. This region is highly prized by Australians as 30 years ago the Government had plans to put a road thru the Cape Tribulation rainforest to Cooktown and open it up to logging and farming. Whilst they were successful in completing the road they then realized the unique value of the region and despite protests from local councils they thankfully declared it a World Heritage region to be protected in perpetuity. Now visitors flock to Cape Tribulation to see its beauty and its wildlife in its rare form.

Great Barrier Reef Island Resorts

The Great Barrier Reef and its islands are a World Heritage listed icons that attract millions of people annually to see and experience for themselves the natural wonder and beauty of the under-water world. Some people just wish to do a day tour visit to the Great Barrier Reef islands whilst others prefer an overnight resort experience. Most people at one time or another have dreamed of a holiday in a luxury resort on a tropical island that is surrounded by crystal clear aqua waters that are home to thousands of species of marine life and they think immediately of the islands of the Great Barrier Reef as it is a world recognised icon. From Cairns you have the choice of staying at the 5 star luxury Green Island Resort or the 4 star Fitzroy Island Resort and just four hours south of Cairns the Peppers Blue on Blue Resort. These Great Barrier Reef island resorts are here to pamper you and send you home totally refreshed and relaxed.

Kuranda Holiday Resorts and Accommodation

A visit to Kuranda is a definite must on your list of things to see and things to do when visiting Cairns as it is a great day out for absolutely everyone. Take the historic Kuranda Scenic train on up to the village of Kuranda, wander around for a few hours and visit all of the shops, markets and attractions and then begin your decent down the mountain on the Skyrail. You could literally spend a whole day in Kuranda touching, smelling and experiencing everything that is unique to this old hippie village of a by-gone era. Taste some of the home made food in the quirky cafes and market stalls or pick yourself up some hand-made jewellery. The day tour to the village of Kuranda is a definite icon of Cairns that is not to be missed.

Undara Lava Tube Tours

The Undara Lava Tubes are a must see tour if you can spare a few days to travel out to the western Gulf Savannah region to visit these spectacular volcano lava tubes which are said to be a part of the longest lava flow from a single volcanic crater on Earth. You can stay overnight in a historical old railway carriage, in your own campervan or in one of the cabins in the National Park. You just need to ensure you book early to get the type of accommodation to suit your needs. Pre-book your Wildlife at Sunset night tour to see the Micro bats and the Night Tigers that snatch the bats in mid-air and slink off with them to consume for their dinner. Walk thru the darkness and turn your torches to the noises you hear in the bushes to see who or what is stalking you. During the day go along and enjoy the Archway Explorer tour and see these ancient Lava Tubes at their best.