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Great Barrier Reef Island Resorts

Queenslands Islands off Cairns on the Cassowary Coast and The Great Barrier Reef in Australia consist of a chain of Islands along Far North Tropical Queensland's coast all the way from Townsville, Cairns, and Daintree Cape Tribulation up to historic Cooktown. These Great Barrier Reef Islands provide visitors with luxurious isolation in beautiful pristine marine environments, created naturally by Mother Nature, that make the most of the Coral Reefs on The Great Barrier Reef.

All of the Islands of The Great Barrier Reef are elegant and luxurious, yet each individual Island possesses a unique charm and character. If you are looking for a tropical Island holiday where each morning you are greeted with sandy beaches, swaying palms and exotic sunshine then a tropical Island vacation from Cairns may be exactly what you are looking for. You will not be able to get any closer to the world famous Great Barrier Reef than on a Cairns Island holiday. All your needs, however decadent or basic will be catered for. Most Islands of the Great Barrier Reef have several restaurants, destination Resort Spas, unlimited ranges of facilities, luxuriously appointed guest resort and hotel style accommodation and direct access to the coral lined beaches of Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

The versatile Islands of Cairns and The Great Barrier Reef cater for small romantic holidays and large conference groups of up to 500 hundred delegates. Hold your tropical wedding or re-newal of vows on the sandy coral rimmed island beaches in the year round sunshine of Queensland Australia. Spend time with family, children and friends for a long or short term relaxing holiday in an island resort off the Cairns coastline. This network of tropical Islands on Cairns Great Barrier Reef provide holidaymakers with luxurious three to five star resorts and hotels, Island holidays full of fun, sun, sand, relaxation and exotic indulgence.

The Islands of Cairns Great Barrier Reef cover 300,000sqm in Australia's Coral Sea. There are 600 islands within Australia's Great Barrier Reef in all shapes and sizes, and 10 of which have overnight holiday resorts, hotels and guest accommodation facilities. The Great Barrier Reef of Australia was listed as a World Heritage site in 1981, so you can be ensured of an immaculately preserved, vibrantly alive and pristinely pure marine environment to spend your Cairns Island scuba diving and snorkelling holiday.

Choose from the following Islands and resorts of The Great Barrier Reef for your next tropical holiday from Cairns and the Cassowary Coast of North Queensland Australia. Each Queensland tropical Island has special characteristics making it appealing to different types of travellers. The Island's of Cairns Great Barrier Reef include: Orpheus Island, Magnetic Island, Hinchinbrook Island, Dunk Island, Bedarra Island, Green Island, Fitzroy Island, Double Island, Lizard Island and Haggerstone Island. A great selection Luxury and budget resorts on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

All styles of accommodation from beachfront bures to luxurious architect designed villas, to beachfront apartments and hotel rooms tucked into the rainforest so not to disturb the natural look of the tropical island from the views of boaties.

Ask our team in Cairns about the best time to travel to the Great Barrier Reef and for a quote on the latest accommodation packages to fufil your holiday desires. Our holiday reservations team are located in Cairns giving us access to all the latest last minute deals and offers for our guests only. We have holiday packages so cheap you will not see them advertised on the major branded websites. We are here we are local and we can offer you the best holiday prices and the best deals on tours and attractions in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland Australia.      

Green Island Resort

Eco - friendly, Luxury, Day Trips, Romantic, Full Facilities

Green Island is a luxuriously appointed tropical island that is visited by both day and overnight resort guests. Overnight guests stay in the five star Green Island eco - friendly resort which is hidden away amongst the canopy of the rainforest. Green Island Resort has several restaurants, two swimming pools, a day spa, a marineland Melanesia aquarium exhibit with huge crocodiles and rescued green sea turtles and a glass bottom boat. Green Island has more guest resort facilities than any other of the Islands of The Great Barrier Reef. Green Island is child friendly and also caters for romantic couples, business travellers and weddings. Green Island is just off the coast of Cairns and is accessible by boat, seaplane and helicopter.

Fitzroy Island Resort

Day trips, luxurious, National Park

Fitzroy Island recently underwent a total re-build its once famous resort transforming it from a no - frills budget Resort Island to a luxurious island resort featuring 80 luxury apartment style rainforest and beachfront ocean suites and beach cabins. Fitzroy Island is located just off the coast of Cairns and is accessible by a regular ferry service, seaplanes and hopefully soon by helicopter. 

Magnetic Island

Nature, Wildlife, Accessible, Budget to Luxury

Magnetic Island has a diverse range of both holiday accommodation and natural environments. The island has 5,184 hectares of National Park with over 24 kilometres of walking tracks or hiking trails and unique Australian wildlife like wallabies, possums, koalas and a prolific exotic bird population. Holiday accommodation on Magnetic Island ranges from budget backpacker hostels and camp sites to exclusive five star luxury resorts, villas and bungalows. This child - friendly island is enjoyed by both the young and the old with plenty to do see and do. Magnetic Island is just off the coast of Townsville and is accessible by ferry or air.

Double Island Resort Palm Cove

Private, Exclusive, Luxurious

**Resort Currently Closed**

Double Island resort Palm Cove is the only Island of The Great Barrier Reef that is rented on a whole of island basis. This exclusive island resort is just off the coast of beautiful Palm Cove and has exclusive accommodation for 40 guests or close friends. Double island resort has conference facilities and great ideas for wedding couples looking for that special island resort to say I do with a few of their closest friends. There is a selection of water toys, or boats or helicopters that can be hired and an outdoor movie theatre, an air conditioned gymnasium specially built by Keanu Reeves for his stay and plenty more. Double Island is accessible by boat or helicopter from Palm Cove, 25 minutes north of Cairns or 45 minutes south of Port Douglas.

Dunk Island Resort

Family friendly, Luxurious, Self contained, National Park, Romantic

**Resort Currently Closed**

Dunk Island is a unique island that specializes in family friendly, corporate and intimate couple's holidays. With a full service children's program, three restaurants and several swimming pools, a day spa for pampering the adults and several complimentary guest activities, this fun - filled and active island is great for the energetic traveller. Dunk Island is 3/4 National Park and there are several scenic walks and hikes through Dunk island's hinterland exploring the flora and fauna. Dunk Island Resort is the only holiday accommodation property on the island and offers comfortable accommodation and facilities. Dunk Island is just off the coast of Mission Beach and is accessible by boat, seaplane, helicopter and fixed wing aircraft from Cairns city.

Hinchinbrook Island

Wilderness, National Park, Adventurous, Budget to Luxury

**Resort Currently Closed**

Hinchinbrook Island is the largest island National Park in Australia. Defined by unspoilt rainforests, pristine coral water, and marine life such as herons, green sea turtles, dugongs and a myriad of colourful fish; Hinchinbrook Island is really a nature lover's paradise.

Guests staying on Hinchinbrook Island can stay in the campsite (permit only) or at Hinchinbrook Island Wilderness Lodge and Resort which has a range of cabins and bungalows ranging from moderate to luxurious. Hinchinbrook Island is accessible by ferry which leaves from Cardwell two hours south of Cairns.

Lizard Island Resort

Tranquil, Elegant, Romantic, No Children

Lizard Island is an internationally recognized island for its pristine sandy beaches and untouched coral waters. This prestigious holiday island resort has some of the best snorkelling, fishing and scuba diving in Australia both off the beaches in the Blue Lagoon and the nearby famous Cod Hole that scuba divers the world over come to witness. The open aired resort on Lizard Island truly embraces the spirit of the tropics and the full service island resort has its own restaurant, day spa, swimming pool and several other activities complimentary for guests. The ecological make up of Lizard Island includes fragile rainforest and Coral Reef, a perfect place for nature lovers to explore. Lizard Island is located off the coast of Cooktown. The island is accessible by boat from Cooktown or helicopter or seaplane, or fixed wing aircraft from Cairns.  Family Times now available during selected periods. 

Orpheus Island Resort

Private, Exclusive, Luxurious, No Children, Natural

Orpheus Island is an exclusive, sophisticated island hideaway delivering world class luxury holiday accommodation on one of the Australia's most stunning islands.

This small resort island has only 21 rooms and although it is located only a few nautical miles off the coast of Townsville you will feel a million miles away from the distractions of civilization during your relaxing and pampered holiday on Orpheus Island.

Bedarra Island Resort

Exclusive, Indulgent, Private, Luxurious, No Children

Bedarra Island is Australia's most exclusive island resort. With only 16 romantically designed villas tucked away in the rainforest, Bedarra Island offers lucky guests complete isolation. Beddara Island has only one resort which is fully serviced with a mouth-watering restaurant, full facilities and lavishly designed rooms.

There is a radiant destination day spa, miles of sandy coastline and activities such as water toys, tennis, fitness centre, fishing and snorkelling complimentary for all guests. Bedarra Island is just off the coast of Mission Beach and is accessible by air and water.

Haggerstone Island Retreat

Remote, Isolated, Intimate, Private

Haggerstone Island is the northernmost Australian island of The Great Barrier reef and lies in a part of the Coral Sea where almost no human life exists. Imagine the isolation of a tropical luxury island, 600 km away from a major population centre and surrounded by some of the most vibrant coral and dive wrecks in the world. Guests who visit Haggerstone Island usually come to experience adventure and total seclusion and privacy to recharge. Haggerstone Island is a family owned and operated Retreat Island that is family friendly. The island caters for 6 - 8 people at a time. Haggerstone island is completely sustainable so you will be living off the food of the land which is all organically grown and produced and has also won awards for excellence. This unique 5 star luxury island resort is a remote 'cast away' island where utter serenity and isolation can truly be experienced.