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Gumtree on Gillies B&B Atherton Tablelands

Atherton Tablelands Accommodation. Welcome to one of the most unique bed and breakfast’s in Tropical North Queensland – Gumtree on Gillies Bed and Breakfast. Set on a 40 acre property at the outskirts of the heritage listed Village of Yungaburra,...

From$190 per night

Atherton Tablelands Bed & Breakfast

A stay at an Atherton Tablelands bed and breakfast will be an experience you will remember forever. Staying in a house with the personal owner you will get to share in the local gossip and get to know the Cairns Highlands more intimately than you ever thought you could. Most of the bed and breakfast owners here have lived in these parts for many years some are even second and third generation. 

Others are old wordly travellers that found the Atherton Tablelands and then never left so to satisfy their travelling gypsy hearts they start up bed and breakfasts to keep up with other travellers from aroud the world. Bed and breakfast accommodation is always set up with all the finer little touches to make your stay comfortable so come on up and take a look at The Atherton Tablelands.

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