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Cairns' Atherton Tablelands Accommodation

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Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat

Atherton Tablelands Accommodation Luxury Private Timber Treehouses featuring Spa-baths & Fireplaces including Complimentary Breakfast Hamper for your 1st Morning!  Rose Gums Wilderness Retreat offers luxury treehouse style accommodation amongst...

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Front Balcony of the Treehouse

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The Canopy Rainforest Treehouses

Atherton Tablelands Accommodation Nestled amongst 100 acres of pristine tropical rainforest in the magnificent region of the Atherton Tablelands is The Canopy Rainforest Treehouses and Wildlife Sanctuary. The beautifully crafted eco-friendly...


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From$199 per night

Atherton Tablelands Holiday Accommodation | Retreats

Cairns Highlands is also known as The Atherton Tablelands or The Fruit Bowl of Cairns. A region that has soil that is so rich you could probably grow a tree from a splinter. The Atherton Tablalands is so diverse in agricultural products and grows products like coffee, chocolate coco beans, Rambuttans, Asian greens, Mangoes, Mangosteens, Lychees, Dragon fruit, Macadamia nuts, Almonds and all sorts of exotic tropical fruits and vegetables.

The weather on the Atherton Tablelands is perfect for crop growing as there is never a shortage of sunshine nor rain. A lot of the product from this region is shipped out daily to European and Asian food markets and the balance then goes to the local markets and also trucked to southern Australia.

This fertile land makes for a great destination for the rural getaway as you can pop into a lots of these farms that have become tourist attractions in themselves and offer farm tours and you can buy the fresh produce or have it shipped home to family and friends. There are great coffee shops that offer the freshest of good old country style cooking from wood fired ovens and they have delicious hearty soups in the winter with heavy bread. The Atherton Tablelands retreats here will let you step back in time to the pioneering days in old country houses with views across the rambling foothills and you will feel so contented you won't want to go home

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